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Publication : Universal Vortical Singularity (UVS)
Author : Vincent Wee-Foo
Email : opcvincentwee@gmail dot com
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The UVS model

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After realizing the paradoxical effect of nature, my perceptions for natural phenomena of the entire observable universe, were amazingly elucidated in their transcendental perspectives, and thus have had extensively transformed.

With the inception of the UVS model for its reality paradigm shift, I was experiencing episodes of eureka effect that came with explosions of discoveries when comtemplating on the enigmas of natural phenomena.

The discoveries were first started in early May 2007 with an inductive resolution of the atmospheric polar vortex, which thus critically resolved a cognitive paradox. And then with such aroused intuitions that could amazingly elucidate the delusions of the subliminally negated observations, the discoveries have had extended all the ways far and deep into the macrocosms and the microcosms.

The inductive resolutions of the UVS research that postulate the underlying structures and mechanisms for the paradoxically rendered natural phenomena, have an astounding ability to elucidate their subliminally negated observations to efficaciously resolve their cognitive paradoxes. Overwhelmingly, the awe-inspiring envisionments had often revealed the actualities of the natural phenomena, and every intuitively rendered discovery, had often extended into its explosion of discoveries.

Despite the revealed actualities of those enigmatic natural phenomena were envisioned in pristine clarity with their resolved cognitive paradoxes, almost all of the publicly available mainstream academic literatures, could not give any credence at all to any of the UVS revolutionary discoveries. Perhaps this situation was very much like how Copernicus was in when he initially envisioned his heliocentric model, where endorsed literatures and the general sentiment that contradict heliocentrism, were prevalent during the geocentric era.

Gradually, along with more revolutionary discoveries that from time to time were being unexpectedly and spontaneously transpired in their inductive resolutions, the epistemic process and methodology of the UVS research was organized to structurally explicate them in the conceptual framework of UVS. Subsequently, its theory of knowledge was established with its philosophy of science for its proposed epistemological paradigm shift.

Then with systemic syntheses for the qualitatively verified hypothetical constructs of natural phenomena in the UVS worldview, the treatise of Universal Vortical Singularity was thus coherently developed as a theory of everything. And with loads of empirical evidence, the UVS research cogently explicates on how the entire structure of the observable universe, unisonally works throughout macrocosms and microcosms as a single system.

By knowing the paradoxical effect of nature, it enlightens on how natural phenomena
could be negated to render their delusions in a typical obfuscating manner.
- UVS inspired -


Vincent Wee-Foo
Author of Universal Vortical Singularity