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Lightning is an atmospheric discharge of stored electricity.

Based on unisonal vortex mechanism, a dynamo effect of magnetohydrodynamics caused by vortical interactions of atmospheric vortex on cyclonic clouds could generate electrical charge in the bipolar molecules of water vapor, in the process it gradually builds up electrical energy in clouds that eventually could evolve as the phenomenon of lightning in a discharge of stored electricity in the atmosphere. Note: A MHD dynamo has three requirements - a conducting viscous matter, rotation, and convection.

Lightning are factually known to be occurring during storms such as cyclones, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and sometimes during volcanic eruptions or dust storms. The jet stream of an atmospheric vortex is a catalyst for enormous scale self-perpetuating dynamo mechanism with consistence vortical motion that has dynamo effect interacting on bipolar water molecules, in the process it stores huge electrical charges in cyclonically consolidated clouds.

A cyclonic cloud touching lower cloud level with its vortex eye just formed - A storm

Lightning strike in storm next to a tornado

At the bottom of an energized cloud, the electrical charge is negative with respect to Earth charge has a huge potential different of as much as 100 million volts; the highest potential different of negative charge is repelled to a lowest altitude on a cloud.

This negatively charged cloud will create an attraction electrical force to the relatively positive charged Earth, and the positive charge on an inversed parabolic surface of Earth is an inverted electromagnetic forced vortex. The relatively positively charged electromagnetic field of Earth attracted by the negatively charged cloud has created a reversed core vector for the inverted electromagnetic vortex.

The concept that electrodynamics of lightning is an electromagnetic vortex based on the UVS model is in its contemplating stage, although it is known that Earth's magnetic field does rotate with the Earth, this would directly affect the associated electromagnetic field. When an electric current passed through a conductor, a proportional magnetic flux is generated perpendicular to the axis of flow; this is evidence for electrical current travels vortical as an electromagnetic vortex. Also the main stroke of a lightning is thicker near the ground and narrower near the cloud also support the idea that structure of a lightning is an electromagnetic vortex. Materials strike by lightning have corkscrew shape remnants in melts, and lightning often shown up in an inverted vortex structure, were also the supportive evidence. See Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory on "Molecular vortex model" of Faraday's "lines of force" in Maxwell's equations, a topic on "Maxwell's molecular vortices" and "Magnetohydrodynamics". Would the experts of electrodynamics please advise.

From the UVS perspective, when conditions are met, stored electricity can be discharged through the easiest path from ground to cloud, with massive electrons accelerated in a vortical manner similar to energy transferred by tunneling through vacuum of vortex column, in the form of thin electromagnetic vortical columns latticed in an inverted vortex structure that has formed in a cyclonic plasmatic ocean of intensified electrostatic field.

It always appeared like lightning is striking down from cloud to ground, as show in these frame-by-frame images of lightning strikes, this is a delusively inversed illusion of a paradoxical effect; it is now scientifically known that most lightning strike from ground to cloud. Electrical current always discharge by flowing from positive pole to negative pole.

Based on unisonal vortex mechanism, the vortex column of a lightning stroke is narrower toward the cloud and wider from ground, this explains the inverse light-up sequence of a lightning strike in a top-down manner, in which the dynamo effect that causes luminosity of plasma is much intensified on vortex column with smaller diameter; the lightning therefore lights up from the top initially with intensifying vortical motion. This vortical reaction in its topsy-turvey manner creates the delusion that makes it to appear that lightning strikes from cloud to ground.

Lightning with an inverted vortex structure

"An entire lightning strike employs both upward and downward moving forces. However, the return stroke of a lightning bolt travels FROM THE GROUND INTO THE CLOUD and accounts for more that 99% of the luminosity of a lightning strike." - Excerpt from "Jet stream, an online school for weather".

UVS predicates that lightning is an electromagnetic vortex of electrodynamics with electrons tunneling around the vacuum of its aetheric vortex column.
UVS predicates that lightning is caused by atmospheric vortex that has dynamo effect on bipolar molecules of water vapor that generates electrical charges.
UVS predicates that lightning is formed by vortrex of glowing plasma in a vortically folding back process on invisible electromagnetic vortex column.

See the UVS topic on "Overviews of the UVS research" that elaborates on the grounded theory methodology for the evaluations of natural phenomena.

Based on unisonal evolution mechanism, Earth's nested magnetospheres are comprised of shell layers that have equipotential surfaces of a nested charged spheroidal unisonal vortex.

From the UVS perspective, at the two polar regions where the nested electromagnetic polar vortex pair was formed, in a vortical effect the plasmatic surfaces of the nested spheroid have cascadingly sunken into its vortical void. The surfaces on different layers of the nested spheroidal unisonal vortex are warped into the magnetic poles by these nested electromagnetic polar vortex pairs, thus rendering the torus structure of a nested magnetosphere.

When imbalanced electrical potential has built up within the nested spheroidal unisonal vortex, and reaches a threshold level in an electromagnetic field driven by a dynamo effect on bipolar water molecules of collected clouds on surface of lower cloud level that stores electrical charges, an electromagnetic vortex would spawn from the positively charged ground to the most negatively charged cloud at its lowest section.This process discharges massive electrons by tunneling vortically upward from the ground with electric current flowing through the easiest paths drawn towards bottom of the charged cloud.

Based on unisonal vortex mechanism, the phenomenon of lightning is caused by a vortrex of glowing plasma that vortically coalesces and folds back on the invisible electromagnetic vortex column.

Nested magnetic
field of Earth


Plasma lamp showing plasma filaments in vortical structures extend from the inner electrode to the outer glass insulator in an intensified electromagnetic field.



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