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The UVS inductive resolution on the Antarctica Ozone Hole

Based on the UVS model, the Antarctica Ozone Hole phenomenon is caused by vortical interactions in the vortex column of a stratosphere polar vortex; the causality of the Antarctica Ozone Hole phenomenon is primarily an atmospheric mechanical interaction of the polar vortex.

UVS predicates that the Antarctica Ozone Hole within the polar vortex wobbles with retrograde motion in synchronization with the Earth-Moon precession cycle.

A web site by NASA that shows ozone hole activity monitored by a satellite over a two months period, is a scientific evidence for interplanetary gravity perturbation by the Moon on an atmospheric polar vortex of Earth that has been overlooked.

In the gyroscopic retrograde motion of the Moon and the polar vortex, the ozone hole on the South Pole had rotated cyclonically in clockwise direction, and made two cycles that was synchronized with the Moon revolving around the Earth twice during that two months period in the Earth-Moon precession cycle.

Animation shows the Antarctica Ozone Hole rotation is associated with polar vortex (In white circle marked by NASA that refreshes on daily intervals). In covered the Earth-Moon precession cycle for one lunar cycle from 14/09/2004 to 14/10/2004, starting from the beginning of a new moon phase, to the beginning of the next new moon phase.

Antarctica Ozone Hole animation.

The fact that atmospheric polar vortex is subjected to its Earth-Moon precession cycle as can be empirically observed, is a qualitative proof that the motion of the Moon perturbs to rotate the Antarctica polar vortex. The rotation of the Antarctica polar vortex, is differentially in sync with the revolution of the Moon.

Anyone trying to visualize the revolving direction of the Moon relative to the Earth and the Antarctica Ozone Hole with this animation, has to take note there are several very tricky cognitive paradoxes involved. And it is very mind boggling for trying to visualize the spin directions of Earth, Moon, and the polar vortex. Firstly, this view is a perspective looking from above South Pole with Earth fixated, so the Moon would be apparently revolving in CCW direction while it actually was revolving the Earth in CW direction in its external reference frame. Secondly, the precession cycle itself is also paradoxical; the Antarctica Ozone Hole was perturb by the Moon to apparently rotate in retrograde motion.

Play with a gyroscope toy would demonstrate that the precession cycle spin direction of the gyroscope, is always in the opposite direction of its rotor spin direction when it is not balanced.

See the UVS topic on "Do an interactive experiment to experience gyroscopic precession" to understand how the counter balancing act of a gyroscope causes it to precess in the opposite direction of its rotor spin.

See a video clip on "SkyMarvels™ EARTH-MOON BARYCENTER" that could aid the visualization for the rotating direction of the Antarctica Ozone Hole with the revolving Moon, see an externally linked topic on "Re: Can precession occur in the opposite direction?" that elaborates on how torque-induced precession causes its gyroscopic retrograde motion.

Despite chlorofluorocarbon depletes the ozone layer, the chemical reaction destroying ozone observed around vortex column on the outside wall is a secondary effect rendered by the polar vortex; it is not the primarily cause for the Antarctica Ozone Hole phenomenon. The vortex column of Antarctica Polar Vortex is a void that has been replaced by sunken mesosphere, the ozone layer within the vortex column is therefore vortically displaced mechanically; this renders the phenomenon of Antarctica Ozone Hole.

The cognitive paradoxes that render the misconceptions of ozone hole in all sorts of delusional observations, was meticulously resolved with its underlying structure and mechanism explicated.

UVS predicates that the Antarctica Ozone Hole is mechanically caused by the polar vortex that displaces the ozone layer inside its vortex column.

With the observational delusion elucidated by resolving the cognitive paradox with the fact that Antarctica Ozone Hole is induced and demarcated by its polar vortex as it was empirically observed, it is a qualitative proof for the UVS predication that suggests the Antarctica Ozone Hole is mechanically caused by the Antarctica polar vortex.

Although the chemical reaction of chlorine at very low temperature destroying ozone is known and scientifically proven to be caused in super freezing air, the sunken mesosphere with super freezing air inside the vortex column, would have reacted with the ozone layer outside the vortex column and therefore has had rendered the chemical reaction as empirically observed. The chemical effect reckoned as the primary cause for the Antarctica Ozone Hole, is a delusion that was misled by the paradoxical effect of nature. And in its physical paradox, it thus renders its illusion of knowledge.

UVS predicates that the Antarctica Ozone Hole with significant difference in temperature at adjacent air masses is caused by vortically sank nested atmosphere in the polar vortex column.

Antarctica Ozone Hole demarcrated by its polar vortex.

An atmospheric chart of the Earth showing the ozone layer.

In 2004, the maximum ozone hole occurred on September 22, the Solar System arrangement was the alignment of Saturn-Earth-Moon had crossed aligned with the alignment of Jupiter-Sun-Earth.

Evidently, in the UVS worldview, the cyclonically rotation of the Antarctica Ozone Hole was primarily affected in the precession cycle of Earth-Moon, its maximum ozone hole size was affected by a focused torque-induced precession from the Solar System alignment effect, and it has a super freezing sunken cold core that displaces the ozone layer; all these are circumstantial evidence that the Antarctica Ozone Hole hole is caused by the polar vortex of stratosphere that was manifested with the torque-induced precession from the Solar System alignment effect.

UVS predicates that the Antarctica Ozone Hole can be significantly affected by a focused torque-induced precession of the Solar System alignment effect.

Based on unisonal vortex mechanism, the maximum size of the Antarctica Ozone Hole is directly dependable on the size of vortex column of the Antarctica Polar Vortex, it is not directly as a result on the extend of ozone layer has depleted.

The empirical observation of the Antarctica Ozone Hole was observed to be demarcated by its polar vortex, is indubitably the qualitative proof that Antarctica Ozone Hole is formed by the polar the vortex of stratosphere.

The grounding for its epistemic theories of truth: The underlying structure and mechanism of the Antarctica Ozone Hole as explicated with its hypothetical construct based on the UVS model, elucidated its delusional observation that renders its misconceptions. Thus, its cognitive paradoxes could be meticulously resolved, and all the related natural phenomena were then qualitatively analysed in the conceptual framework of UVS by inductive reasoning for explicating with their empirical evidence to predicate by abductive reasoning.

See the UVS topic on "Overviews of the UVS research" that elaborates on the grounded theory methodology for the evaluations of natural phenomena.

In the southern hemisphere, the intensity of nested polar vortex, the speeds of polar jet streams, and the polar stratospheric clouds are associated with the Antarctica Ozone Hole, and they were usually at maximum in winter nights. The Antarctica Ozone Hole usually developed in August till November on yearly basis was also synchronized with polar vortex presence during the same period. These synchronizations suggest a direct link for the two events are also supporting evidence that the Antarctica Ozone Hole is caused by a polar vortex of stratosphere.

From the UVS perspective, for the Arctic Polar Vortex at the North Pole, the higher density troposphere air mass at lower altitude is dragged by landmass in mountain ranges that would act like brakes, dragging on air movement that wound reduce the momentum of the polar vortex at stratosphere. This would reduce the intensity of the Arctic Polar Vortex, as a result an ozone hole of significant scale at the North Pole has never occurred. Most of human activities that damages ozone layer were at northern hemisphere, but ozone hole has occurred only at the South Pole. The weak intensity of Arctic polar vortex and therefore a relatively unaffected Arctic ozone layer is also a circumstantial evidence that ozone hole is caused by the polar vortex of stratosphere.

UVS predicates that the ozone hole at North Pole could not form is as a result of the dragging effects of landmass has weakened the intensity of the Arctic Polar Vortex.

See the UVS topics on "Polar aurora" and "Polar aurorae of gas giants" that illustrate polar aurorae are induced and demarcated by their underlying plasmatic polar vortex pairs.



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