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A tri-typhoon cluster event and its arrangement of cross-aligned Solar System objects

This is a case study of the Solar System alignment effect.

On the 4th August 2006, the strongest of the three tropical cyclones in a typhoon cluster, typhoon Saomai, was initially formed in the western Pacific Ocean as a tropical depression, but within a day, it had become a tropical storm.

On that day, the Solar System arrangement was a second quarter Moon aligned as Jupiter-Moon-Earth, formed a T-junction crossed alignments with the major alignment of aligned Saturn-Sun-Earth-Neptune, and cross-aligned with Uranus-Earth-Mars, as well as was also cross-aligned with Venus-Mecury-Earth.

From the UVS perspective, this arrangement of the Solar System objects was the catalyst that had caused typhoon Saomai to spawn.

On the 7th Aug 2006, when the below image for typhoon Saomai, typhoon Bopha and storm Maria was taken, Typhoon Bopha was formed but was weakened to a tropical storm, and storm Maria had just reached the status of storm by evolving from a tropical depression. On this day, the Moon had moved out of the crossed alignments, while the other alignments were more or less intact.

On the 9th Aug 2006 USA time, the Moon was almost in its full moon phase, the Solar System arrangement for the manifested typhoon Saomai, typhoon Bopha and typhoon Maria in western Pacific Ocean, has a major alignment of aligned Saturn-Sun-Earth-Neptune, formed a T-junction crossed alignments with Jupiter-Earth, and was cross-aligned with aligned Uranus-Earth-Mars, as well as was also cross-aligned with Venus-Mecury-Earth-Moon.

On this day typhoon Somai and typhoon Bopha intensified and peaked, while typhoon Maria landed on Japan had thus lost its sources of heat energy from the ocean for its thermal-mechanics effect, and therefore had weakened instead.

And with the tug of aligned Saturn-Sun-Earth-Neptune, and cross-aligned at a small angle with the aligned Venus-Mercury-Earth-Moon, in an almost full moon phase, a very high spring tide of the ocean and a very elongated ellipsoidal nested-layer of the atmosphere would also have occurred concurrently on this very eventful day.

From the UVS perspective, these three cold-core tropical cyclones formed as a cluster on the surface of a lower cloud level, were manifested by the atmospheric vortices of troposphere in a tri-core formation as a trefoil knot structure, and they were vortically impelled inside a much larger invisible atmospheric vortex that was cyclonically manifested in the higher atmospheric layers.

Typhoon Saomai, typhoon Bopha and storm Maria in western Pacific Ocean on 7th Aug 2006

See UVS topics on "Solar System alignment effect", "Tidal bore","Sunspot" and "Bermuda Triangle" that elaborates and illustrates some very significant natural events that evidently were associated with the crossed alignments of aligned Solar System objects.

See a UVS topic on "Tropical cyclone" for further elaboration on its vortical mechanism.

The above animation for outer Solar System planets are not to scale for distance in this illustration of the planetary alignments.

This diagram illustrates an underlying stratosphere clear air vortex that was supposedly driving the typhoon cluster, the thickness of atmosphere should be much thinner than as shown above and the dimensions are to scale.

Tropical storm Saomai & trop. depression Maria were formed.

Typhoon Saomai, Bopha and Maria were formed.

Typhoon Saomai and Bopha intensified, Maria hit Japan.


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