The CMB dipole
Vortical motion
of the cosmos


A vortical cluster
of hyperspheres

Dark matter blobs
A vortical cluster
of hyperspheres

Galaxy cluster

The vortical effects
of a

Galaxy group

Formed in a nested
vortical hypersphere

Structure of galaxy
A nested vortical

Globular cluster
Transformed by a
dissipated vortex

Black hole
A vortical void of
aether corpuscles

Star formation
Formed in a
vortical system

Debris disk of star
Effects of a nested
vortical hypersphere

A vortical

A dual-core
torus vortex

Cloud bands

Effects of a nested
polar vortex pair

Planetary rings
Flattened nested
polar vortex pair

Cometary outburst

An excited nested
vortical hypersphere

Axial precession

An induced
vortical motion

Polar aurora
Glowing plasma
of a polar vortex

Ozone hole
The void of
a polar vortex

Polar vortex

A nested
free vortex

Polar jet stream

A ring torus of
its polar vortex

Tropical cyclone

A substructure of
atmospheric vortex

A cloudy vortex
of troposphere

Dust storm

Vortically formed
dust plume


Induced in a thin
cold core vortex

Dust devil

Vortically levitated
charged particles

Tidal bore
The resonance of
vortical motion

Oceanic whirlpool
An oceanic
free vortex


The effects of
a forced vortex

Dual-core crater

Vortical effects of
liquefied soil

Structure of atom

A vortical cluster of

By visualizing the underlying structures and mechanisms, it intuitively
reveals the actualities of the mysteriously rendered natural phenomena.

A scientific revolution

By Vincent Wee-Foo

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March 2022 edition..
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Universal Vortical Singularity (UVS) is the postulated cosmic archetype of an aetheric vortical hypersphere.

The structural variants of its nested vortical hyperspheres are perceivable to be ubiquitously demonstrated throughout the macrocosms and the microcosms of the entire observable universe.

With the reality paradigm shift of the UVS model, its induced perception could be applied to systematically postulate the underlying vortical structures and mechanisms for many empirically observed natural phenomena.

And on the epistemological paradigm shift to its visual grounded theory, the methodology of the UVS research could invoke the perspectives of its transcendental perspectivism for perceiving the actualities of these natural phenomena with its conceptual framework.

This methodology could resolve the naturally negated observations of the natural phenomena, which are being rendered by the paradoxical effect of the cosmos that obfuscates with its subliminally negated circumstances.

With its scientific revolution it extensively resolves the cognitive paradoxes of these natural phenomena, which are being paradoxically rendered throughout the entire observable universe.

The UVS research grounded on the first principle of a nested cosmic vortical hypersphere could coherently predicate in the UVS worldview, and has had made numerous revolutionary discoveries with its visual inductive resolutions.

As thus, in the discipline of epistemology, the treatise of UVS was cogently augmented as a theory of everything.

See "Preface" for the suggestions on how to efficaciously explore the UVS treatise, "The structure of the observable universe" that explicates on a vortical paradigm in the macrocosms and the microcosms, “The inspirations of Universal Vortical Singularity for some all-encompassing sculptural ideas of the UVS treatise, and the "Afterword of UVS" that elaborates on the inception of the UVS research.

Remarks: The postulated cosmic archetype in the UVS research is a nested hyperspherical singularity formed in a vortical paradigm, and the variants of its vortical transformations are universal throughout the macrocosms and the microcosms. This hyperspherical cosmic archetype was therefore coined as Universal Vortical Singularity. (31st August 2010)


Critical analyses and abstracts of the UVS treatise:

All physical existences are weaved in vortical motion; nothing physical is not vortical.


The UVS treatise was compiled from more than fifty UVS web pages with over two hundred UVS topics and subtopics, and it is freely available in the UVS websites as an open access modular e-book.


Some resonated remarks for Universal Vortical Singularity (aka UVS):

“I have compiled a bit of a 20th century intellectual history of vortex theories, and none of them come close to the completeness that you have achieved with the UVS treatise. (11th May 2021)
- Dr. Kevin Dann, historian and naturalist, the author of 13 books, including Enchanted New York; The Road to Walden; Expect Great Things: The Life and Search of Henry David Thoreau; Bright Colors Falsely Seen: Synaesthesia and the Search for Transcendental Knowledge; Across the Great Border Fault: The Naturalist Myth in America; and Lewis Creek Lost and Found. He has taught at Rutgers University, University of Vermont, and the State University of New York.

“I know eventually, many will come to see and appreciate, the value of your work. (16th Aug 2020) / Love your work, it has been inspirational as well as foundational to me.” (26th Sep 2020)
- Gordon Rutherford, research in extending Milankovitch cycles studies and working on his PhD thesis, whom had developed a software magnetometer analytical tool composed of more than 11 million formulas to analyse and predict geology events on Earth in the field of astro-seismology.

Although his (UVS) model is lacking quantitative method, yet he is able to predict solar cycle fluctuations. (17th Feb 2020)
- Dr. Victor Christianto & Dr. Florentin Smarandache, this was a comment on the UVS case study on the barycenter drivers of the solar cycle, mentioned in their paper "On the Possibility of Binary Companion of the Sun".

Vincent Wee developed an elegant periodic table presentation. Inspired by his approach I am planning to utilize graph algorithms tools and recent advances to attempt to expand the chemical science envelop. (20th Dec 2019)
- Elgafi Mohamed, author of "Phosphoric Acid and Phosphate Fertilizers", referenced to the UVS periodic tables in charter 4 of this hardcoopy book, applied a patent (patent number: 6391080) for a related invention of a new process designed to produce phosphorus pentoxide (P
2O5) that is much less polluting and much more energy efficient.

“I read this UVS site, fairly completely. The guy has spent some amazing time talking about fundamental principles found everywhere in spacetime, and thus it was a winner to offer that angled approach.” / “As I was saying, the UVS theory is a step closer to formalising a universal code for spacetime, I can't dispute that.” (26th October 2018)
- Dr. Stephen H. Jarvis (MD), author of EQUUS SPACE, director of Equus Aerospace Pty. Ltd. , whose professional background is in medical science. Note: This was part of the commentor's conversation with the global moderator of an Internet scientific discussion forum.

“Your work is really amazing.” (18th Dec 2017)
- Dr. Rosa Hilda Compagnucci, a climatologist accredited to the Nobel Peace Prize bestowed on the IPCC in 2007, PhD degree in Meteorological Sciences, University of Buenos Aires; UBA · Department of Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences. Co-authored paper on "Dynamical characterization of the last prolonged solar minima", which elaborates with quantitative analysis on an imminent Grand Minimum.

“Well done, Vincent.” (18th August 2014)
- Dr. Richard Miles, Ph.D in Physics and Chemistry (Bristol); British Astronomical Association. This was a comment on the qualitative prediction of a cometary outburst event.

Being an exit scientist and now am industrial physicist, I admire your insight and works highly. (7th July 2014)
- Dr. Winston Cheng Wen-Hao, Ph.D. in particle beam physics and accelerator theory, Post Doc: high energy particle collider design in Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

“With great admiration. (3rd June 2014)
Dr. Vuthipong Priebjrivat, B.S. in civil engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. in environmental engineering from Stanford University, Ph.D. in economics and public management from the University of Chicago, metaphysicist, corporate leader, law maker, and author of several books such as "DRAW YOUR THOUGHTS" that elaborates and illustrates a peculiar type of analytical method, "DHARMODYNAMICS", "NEODHARMA", "DHARMOSCIENCE", "SANKHARA" that coherently elaborate with "draw your thoughts" on some intrinsic structures for nature of reality in its transcendental perspectivism.
A picture on some of these books.

We consider your site and your new theory to be original and exciting..... We love your site! (14th Dec 2009) / '... a brilliant treatise that credibly extends modern human scientific knowledge and awareness of "How The Universe And Everything In It Truly Works".' (Feb 2014)
- Dr. Wayne Nowland,
physicist, researcher, philosopher and author, planned and launched Australia's first AUSSAT communications satellite system.

Also loved reading your research again. It does make me rethink and in some cases, relearn my understanding of the cosmos. (28th Aug 2012)
- Professor Christopher W. Hodshire from Western Michigan University.

“I fully subscribe to the vortex theory---it makes mechanical sense more than mathematical sense. It doesn't make any difference if you think the world is infinite---the vortex theory will work on its own merits. (4th Jul 2011)
- Gerald (aka spacedout of TOEQuest Forum).

“The UNIVERSAL VORTICAL SINGULARITY is the best cosmological model available today to explain the Universe.” (23th March 2011)
- Pat Nolan, blog writer of “Holographic Superfluid Universe”.

Great website ... food for thought.. many thanks............ (23rd Feb 2010)
- Michael Henning, University of Cape Town 1977 BBSC.

Objectively speaking, even in its present mostly qualitative form, UVS makes a significant contribution to the discovery of spiral nature of the universe.
With great respect, Vladimir. (28th Jun 2009)
- Dr. Vladimir B. Ginzburg, mathematician, accomplished material scientist, author of "Prime Elements of Ordinary Matter, Dark Matter & Dark Energy", "Spiral Grain of the Universe" and several other renowned books such as "Metallurgical Design of Flat Rolled Steels" for applied science, and holds over fifty U.S. and foreign patents.

Vincent’s model is valid for all atomic particles as long as one realizes they must be viewed as three dimensional vortices; that’s how they interact with the spatial Aether, but that’s another story.(30th Dec 2008)
- David Levi Wing (aka dleviwing, moderator of TOEQuest forum; author of "TORONICS"- Interpretations of Physics, The Mystery of Mass, Wave Characteristics, The Standard Model)

UVS is the future of science. (12th Dec 2008) / As I said above, your theory is on the road to greatness, and I am so happy to be witnessing it.. (6th Jan 2009)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum); author of "NINE ELEMENT TRINITY".

Vincent, I am convinced that UVS would give satisfactory answers to most of the mysteries... (20th Sep 2008)
- Dipayan Kar (aka dipayankar of TOEQuest Forum).

I totally agree with the science you present. (18th Sep 2008)
- Dean Ward, a very knowledgeable researcher with in-depth knowledge in Tensegrity, Electric Universe and Aether Physics Model.

Hey Vincent I just wanted to say I appreciate your website very much. Sometimes pictures speak a thousand words, and your pictures are superb. (17th Sep 2008)
- Divinity from Thunderbolts forum.

Your website looks great and full of new ideas. (21th June 2008)
- Kevin Harkess, BSc(Hons) physics degree, author of "Wisp unification theory".

You have a very interesting home page which I looked at on a cursory level., Your theory seems to be well thought out. (9th March 2008)
Professor Patrick Wirtz (aka ProfPat of TOEQuest Forum).

This (UVS) is coming in a big way. (Oct 2007)
Mr. Au Mun Chew, sidewalk astronomer, retired lecturer of the National University of Singapore.


Author's note: I am merely a humble student of nature.



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Diagram for the UVS atomic model with a nested dual-core electron shell - By Vincent Wee-Foo
Image of sunrise - Image credit of Vincent Wee-Foo

Image of Whirlpool galaxy M51 - NASA
Image for vortical core-seeking force field - ZBrushCentral
Image of M-M experiment
- You Tube; pepenjuto
Image illustrating the geometrical structure of the CMB dipole - By Vincent Wee-Foo
A sketch of unisonal vortex - Vincent Wee-Foo
Animation simulation of gravitational lensing by a black hole - By Urbane Legend
Animation of cloud band of Jupiter - Animation by Vincent Wee-Foo created with an image of Jupiter from NASA
Animation of Ozone Hole activity - Animation by Vincent Wee-Foo created with images from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Scientific Visualization Studio
Animation for epicenter - Steve Newman, author of
Animation for The Solar System alignment effect - By Vincent Wee-Foo

Animation for stationary light clock
- By Vincent Wee-Foo


The inception of the UVS treatise was in May 2007 with ongoing updates since.


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Disclaimers: The treatise of Universal Vortical Singularity (UVS) in its epistemological paradigm shift, is fundamentally unconventional. Its hypotheses grounded on a generally unheard-of UVS model, bound to have shortcomings, such as loose ends, errors, and omissions errors. Many details and assumptions in its propositions have yet to be further researched, probed, evaluated, validated, or verified. Its implicit explanations are for casual understanding of the UVS topics presented in the UVS worldview, so if any term or statement is offensive in any manner from whatsoever perspectives, is most regretted. Links to other sites do not imply endorsement of their contents; apply appropriate discretion whenever necessary. Also, the content of the UVS topics, from time to time could be arbitrarily modified without any notice.

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