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In the UVS worldview, Solar System objects or barycenters in focused crossed alignments[uvs] with their torque-induced precession[w], could induce tidal effects to intrinsically manifest forced vortices in the mantle[w] sphere of the Earth.

And with resonated torque-free precession[w] rendered by the tilted rotating Earth that gyrates with precession effects in the Solar System[w], it could vortically drive to manifest as various types of earthquake[w].

The UVS research predicates an earthquake could be triggered by the forced vortices of the mantle sphere with the precession effects of Solar System objects.

See the UVS topics on "Visualization of a subliminal precession cycle of the Earth" that illustrates a short cycle precession of the Earth, "The nested polar vortex pair" that elaborates on the paradoxical formed forced vortex pair on the Earth nested atmosphere, and "The vortically manifested planetary orbitals" that illustrates orbits are rendered by transferred vortical motion.

Evidently, it was empirically observed that a regular monthly pattern[m] of moonquakes[w] on the Moon, was triggered by the tidal forces[w] of lunar tides.

See a paper on "Jupiter and Io Observe Each Other" that elaborate on a moon of Jupiter undergoes tides and earthquakes on a 42-hour cycle as it orbits Jupiter, suggesting it is subjected to gravitational wringer that squeeze, stretch and release the moon in a cyclical manner.

The cognitive paradoxes that negate to render the misconception for the driver of earthquakes, was thus meticulously resolved with the underlying vortical structure and mechanism explicated.

The grounding for its epistemic theories of truth: The underlying vortical structure and mechanism of a peculiar type of rumbling earthquake as explicated with its hypothetical construct based on the UVS model, elucidated its delusional observations that render its misconceptions, mysteries, and anomalies. Thus, its cognitive paradox could be meticulously resolved, and all the related natural phenomena were then qualitatively analysed in the conceptual framework of UVS by inductive reasoning for explicating with their empirical evidence to predicate by abductive reasoning.

See the UVS topic on "Overviews of the UVS research" that elaborates on its visual grounded theory for the evaluations of natural phenomena.

Epicenter of an earthquake propagating seismic waves dilating in a circular manner. 

The supposedly predominantly solid Earth's mantle[w] underneath the stratified crust surface, is actually an ocean of viscous medium in geological time.

In the UVS worldview, the vortical motion of the Earth moving through space with the Solar System gyrating around the Galactic Center[w], would render the intrinsicalluy resonated vortical motions in the mantle sphere to cause continental drift[w] in the geological time scale.

The UVS research predicates continental drift is caused by the vortical motion manifested in the mantle sphere with the motion of the Earth gyrating in the Solar System.

Note: The nature of the forces propelling the tectonic plates to cause continental drift, is an unresolved problem in geology.

Continental drift animation.

Subsuming the plate tectonics[w] hypothesis, the Earth's crust[w] stratified layer formed on the lithosphere[w], is mounted on several pieces of overlapping and shifting tectonic plates overlaid on the asthenosphere[w]. When subjected to the intrinsically manifested precession effect in the Earth's mantle that causes the gradual continental drift, it would constantly cause the myriads of earthquakes around the faults.

From the UVS perspective, the tidal force[w] from a significant Solar System object or barycenter, such as the Moon or the Sun and its barycenter, would paradoxically manifest forced vortices to act on the mantle sphere of the Earth at its two pairs of focal points, which are the four focal points of two tidal bulges and two tidal depressions in a superposition.

See the UVS topic on "The nested polar vortex pair" that elaborates on the convex structure of the Earth's atmosphere is actually a concave structure, and the thus tidally formed elipsoidal-shaped atmosphere is fundamentally a spheroidal forced vortex structure.

The two tidal depressions of the mantle sphere, would render greater negative pressure on the tectonic plates at their two focal points with their paradoxically manifested pair of forced vortices.

Whereas the two tidal bulges of the mantle sphere, would render greater positive pressure on the tectonic plates at their two focal points with their paradoxically manifested pair of inverted forced vortices

Paradoxically, the apparently convex structure of a tidal depression on the Earth, is actually a concave structure of its forced vortex[uvs].

The negative pressure from a forced vortex of mantle that has vortically cavitated underneath the lithosphere, would tremendously subject the tectonic plates to the pushed-in pressure of their own weight and the weight of the crust pushing down from above.

The forced vortices of the mantle sphere that have formed underneath Earth's crust, would form standing waves at their focal points with manifested torque-free precessions rendered by the tilted rotating Earth, and thus would vortically cause movements and vibrations to those overlapping tectonic plates.

Note: It was observed that the ocean tide of the faster rotating Earth that faces the Moon, leads the slower orbiting Moon by about 10-degrees.

The differential field of the induced tidal force.

An exaggerate illustration for tidal bulges and tidal depressions.

In an arrangement of aligned Solar System objects with precession effects manifested on a tilted rotating Earth, it would render torsion force to cause vortical motions around the focal points in the intensified forced vortices of the mantle sphere.

The tectonic plates overlaid on the mantle sphere being subjected to its vortical torsion forces, would cause their movements with the transferred vortical motions of the mantle sphere.

Paradoxically, with the circumstantial evidence that could be empirically observed, it elucidates that the primary driver for such earthquakes manifested from underneath the Earth's crust, could actually be rendered by the celestial mechanism of the Solar System.

Heuristically, the combined tidal forces of the Solar System objects in their crossed alignment arrangements, would act on the mantle sphere of Earth to internally exert tension on the tectonic plates. And with the effects of a tilted rotating Earth generated at the focal points of the paradoxically formed forced vortices of the mantle sphere, these could act on the tectonic plates to cause different types of earthquakes. And under different circumstances these could cause earthquakes at the active faults[w], the intraplate earthquakes[w], or the megathrust earthquakes[w] that would trigger tsunami[w] events when occurred underneath the ocean.

On April 4th, 2010 at 15:40:41 local time when the 2010 Baja California earthquake of magnitude 7.2 was occurring at the Laguna Salada Fault.

The arrangement of the Solar System objects was triple alignment of aligned Earth-Mercury-Venus cross-aligned with the aligned Saturn-Earth-Uranus, and the aligned Moon-Earth-Mars. And Sun-Earth formed a T-junction crossed alignment[uvs]with the aligned Moon-Earth-Mars, while Saturn was high up on top in the skyview of the epicenter.

In year 2005, there were 142 earthquakes recorded with magnitude of above 6.0 on Ritcher scale. And evidently, strong earthquake events were usually associated with the crossed alignments of aligned Solar System objects and their major barycenters.

The arrangement of Solar System objects on 04/04/2010.

And many occurrences of earthquake apparenlty were also associated with the Solar System alignment effect[uvs]; these are the circumstantial evidence[w] that some earthquakes were directly triggered by the torque-induced precession caused by their forced vortices of the mantle sphere that has manifested underneath the Earth's crust with resonated torque-free precession.

The stochastic[m] analyses of a peculiar T-junction crossed alignment[uvs] of Solar System objects with the epicenters highly correlated with earthquake events, constitutes as the strong evidence that such earthquakes were driven by the precession effects of planetary arrangements that interact with the gyrating Earth.

See a UVS paper on "The UVS case study on the barycentric drivers of the solar cycle" that illustrates how a peculiar type of planetary alignments is modulating the past solar cycles.

The intraplate earthquake

From the UVS perspective, an intraplate earthquake[w], could be caused by a wobbling forced vortex of the mantle sphere with precession effect to propagate seismic waves[w] that oscillates the Earth with specific resonant frequencies.

Watch video clips on "Liquid sound waves on a coffee can" that demonstrates how induced sound waves could physically form standing waves in a high viscosity medium, "Perpetual Ocean" that illustrates amazing satellite views for vortices manifested in Earth's ocean, and an interactive global wind map of the Earth with "EarthWindMap" that shows all sorts of currently manifested atmospheric vortices, the global map can also be set to ocean mode for viewing oceanic currents and manifested whirlpools.

These seismic waves strongly rumbling in the affected zones are known to be propagated spherically out from a hypocenter[w] of an earthquake, and the vibration radiating from the hypocenter is distributed in a circular manner on the Earth's crust at its epicenter[w].

The empirical observations of hypocenters at the epicenters of intraplate earthquake events, are strong evidence that suggest such earthquakes are triggered by the vortices resonated with torque-free precession induced in the mantle sphere.

.The UVS research predicates an intraplate earthquake is caused by seismic waves generated from a forced vortex of the mantle sphere with resonated torque-free precession.

From the UVS perspective, the dynamo effect[m] manifested in the wobbling forced vortex of the mantle sphere, could generate a detectable magnetic field that emanates from its hypocenter, as well as renders electric discharges. And satellite vortices manifested in the liquid iron outer core of the Earth, could cause the magnetic declination[w] of its magnetosphere.

See external links on "Extending Milankovitch Earthquakes and Eruptions" that studies the drivers for earthquakes and volcano eruptions with magnetism and orbital mechanics, "More than 600 earthquakes strike small California town in swarm around Salton Sea" that reported on the concurrently observed multiple hypocenters, and "How massive volcanoes gave Mars a makeover" that reported on a cluster of active volcanoes that had concurrently erupted.

See the UVS topics "Dual-core crater" that illustrates on how some peculiar craters could be vortically formed by manifested vortices of liquefied crust, "Tunguska event" that illustrate on how cratering events could be vortically formed, "Cometary outburst" for some illustrations of how energetic barycenters and Lagrangian points could be manifested by celestial objects in the Solar System, and "Sunspot" that illustrates how sunspots could be modulated by the barycentric arrangements of Solar System objects in their precession cycles.

Local physical laws are determined by the large-scale structure of the universe. - Mach's principle

An analysis of the planetary alignments for the 9.0 megathrust earthquake in Japan on 11th Mar 2011

The planet finder diagram shown below illustrates the sky view from the epicenter of the 9.0 megathrust earthquake that had occurred in Japan on 11th Mar 2011 at 12:46 hour local time. Six Solar System objects were apparently close to each other in the sky view toward the west, an almost lunar perigee Moon was high on top in the epicenter skyview, and the tidal bulge caused by the Moon in its neap tide that leads by about 10-degrees, was supposedly almost aligned with the epicenter.

The Solar System arrangement was triple alignments of aligned Jupiter-Earth-Saturn crossed with aligned Mars-Sun-Earth, and also crossed aligned with Uranus-Mercury-Earth. The almost first phase Moon was about 7 days from lunar perigee (nearest to Earth), and formed a T-junction crossed alignment with the aligned Earth-Sun-Mars.

And most critically in these multiple crossed aligbments, an almost lunar perigee Moon was right on top in the epicenter skyview when the earthquake event occurred.

Although the geology activity could have taken decades to build up for the megathrust earthquake to happen, the triggering mechanism for the event could have been caused by the precession effects of the Solar System alignments. After reaching a tipping point over a period of time with the transferred vortical motion of the mantle, the mantle levitated tectonic plate could snap under the induced positive and negative pressure of a tidal bulge standing wave manifested in the mantle.

A cluster of oceanic whirlpools was seen near Iwaki city following the tsunami after the 9.0 megathrust earthquake. 

A dual-core whirlpool in a harbor off the east coast of Japan

In the wake of the tsunami that was caused by a snapped tectonic plate, the jet stream formed with the tsunami could vortically impel whirlpool clusters to manifest at resonated locations.

Nonetheless, oceanic whirlpool clusters have been observed all over the oceans even without any tsunami.

See the UVS topic on "Oceanic whirlpool" that illustrates some naturally manifested oceanic free vortex clusters.


~ With thanks to Graham Burnett (aka G_burnett of TOEQuest Forum) for his post #1059 that highlighted the Moon was very near to lunar perigee during the 9.0 earthquake in Japan.

Note: This UVS visual inductive resolution merely attempts to show the underlying vortical structure and mechanism that could vortically and paradoxically cause earthquakes. Despite the suggested vortical motions rendered on lithosphere by the crossed alignments of aligned Solar Sytem objects, could be illustrated as the likely drivers for causing some significant earthquakes in the after events with their stochastic analyses, lacking the necessary geological information for the structures and their actual situations underneath the crust, it has thus been conceded that earthquakes could not be absolutely predicted with all certainties in such blinded studies.


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